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Small modern safe on wooden shelf

Winnipeg’s Top-quality Safes to Protect Prized Possessions

Are you worried about the safety of your possessions or important documents? Installing a safe at your home or workplace may help alleviate your fears. Residential and commercial safes are available at Brother's Lock & Safe in Winnipeg to protect your most essential belongings. Purchasing a safe is always a positive step toward better security. These devices come in various shapes and sizes, ranging from elegant and discrete to weighty and bulky, and serve a number of purposes. There is a safe for every situation, providing the vital service of keeping your valuables secure in an emergency. To place an order, please get in touch with us today.

What We Do

Brother's Lock & Safe serves a wide range of clients, including hotels, restaurants, commercial enterprises, and banks. We provide safe lockout services to assist our clients in keeping their belongings secure. We can also repair and upgrade your safes as needed. Our team can unlock safes without causing any damage thanks to our 35+ years of safe tech experience. We employ Dialcom technology to open the safe within 24 hours.

We buy and sell new and used fire safes, gem vaults, cash boxes, data safes, and all other sorts of safes that have been serviced, sold, and opened. We can provide and install residential and commercial safes, as well as drop safes for businesses and restaurants. Brother's Lock & Safe always has a large selection of new and used safes in stock. Popular franchise restaurants including KFC, Subway, Burger King, and Starbucks rely on Brother's Lock & Safe for the installation and service of safes.

close up of a hand opened a safe
Man hand holding and scanning security key card
Black and small home or hotel safe

Security Safes That Protect Your Valued Assets

We have a large selection of safes in our inventory all the time.

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